Smoked Brisket

Smoked Brisket


12 lb brisket trimmed well

Blanchard’s Blend Cajun Seasoning

Brown sugar

Parkay spray butter

Heavy duty foil



Sprinkle Blanchard’s Blend Cajun Seasoning¬† and brown sugar on brisket, and rub it in well. Let sit over night in the refrigerator . Take brisket out and let sit for 1 hour to get to room temp. Heat smoker to 250 degrees using mesquite wood . Place brisket in smoker and spray with Parkay. Close smoker and let smoke for 3 hours . Open up smoker and mist brisket with Parkay.¬† Close smoker and cook till internal temp of 160 degrees. Then pull brisket out and wrap with foil and return it to smoker . Cook until internal temp gets to 205-210 . Pull it out of smoker and rest for 1 hour . Now you can slice it up . Eat and enjoy!!!

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