Pulled Pork

Pulled pork


1 Boston butt

Blanchards Blend Cajun Seasoning


Apple juice

Bbq sauce



Trim Boston butt of fat leaving a little.Then melt butter in a sauce pan and and season with Blanchards  Blend Cajun Seasoning . Use the seasoned butter to inject pork butt. Make sure you inject well. Then season the outside of the pork butt heavily. Set your smoker to 250 degrees. Place pork but in smoker and let it smoke for 3 hours. Then take it out wrap it with aluminum foil and add a little apple juice . Place it back in the smoker until internal temp reaches 195 degrees. Let it rest for 1 hour and then start pulling it apart . Bone should be clean and easy to remove use a cleaver to chop pork . Add your favorite BBQ sauce to the pork then Eat and Enjoy!!!

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